Euetheola rugiceps (LeConte, 1856) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae)

Euetheola rugiceps (LeConte, 1856)
Ligyrus rugiceps LeConte, 1856 (original combination).
Euetheola humilis Burmeister, 1847 (synonym).

Euetheola rugiceps.jpg

Comment: E. rugiceps (LeConte) is known to occur southeastern US and keep spreading upward to midwest states. I personally collected couple of specimens in southern Nebraska, 2014. Very common in down south. They are mostly active in between May-June to August. I have experience of collecting more than a hundred specimen in a single night with a small battery-operated blacklight within an hour. This species do not show a sexual dimorphism, therefore, genitalia must be extracted to determine the sex. In my personal collections from Shreveport, LA and Alexandria, LA, there were whole lot more females than males collected.

*Image of aedeagus will be updated in near future.


2 thoughts on “Euetheola rugiceps (LeConte, 1856) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae)

  1. The common name of this scarab beetle is “sugarcane beetle” and the grubs are considered a pest of various crops in southern North America. The correct scientific name is “Euetheola humilis” and “Euetheola rugiceps” is a synonym of that name.


    • Thank you for your interest in my post! This post surely lacks a lot of information, right? I just want to let you know that I just keep my post simple with plate images and some common information, or my experiences included. I definitely recognize, respect, and credit other’s works, but I don’t want to say “THIS IS MY WORK!” after citing bunch of other’s works. That’s all. (doesn’t mean that I’m going to write a bunch crap here though.)

      For the name, yes, I’ve been knowing it as E. humilis as well, and I even labeled most of my collections that way, but I recently had a personal conversation with Dr. Brett C. Ratcliffe at University of Nebraska State Museum (Lincoln, NE, USA), and found out the valid name is E. rugiceps. I do not know the details, but will update you later once I do.


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