Dorcus parallelus (Say, 1824) (Coleoptera: Lucanidae: Lucaninae)

Dorcus parallelus (Say, 1824)
Lucanus parallelus Say, 1824 (original combination).

Dorcus parallelus (Say) Male_1

Description: Dorcus parallelus (Say, 1824) is one of two species of Genus Dorcus occurring in North America.

*Pictured specimen in the image is 20mm (±1mm) in size of a male, collected in Québec, Canada.

**Pictured specimen is not in hand anymore, as of 2018.


Prosopocoilus astacoides blanchardi (Parry, 1873) (Coleoptera: Lucanidae: Lucaninae)

Prosopocoilus astacoides blanchardi (Parry, 1873)
Metopodontus blanchardi Parry, 1873 (original combination).
Prosopocoilus blanchardi Nomura and Lee, 1922 (synonym).

Prosopocoilus astacoides blanchardi_1600.jpg

Description: This species is known to occur in Mongolia, Taiwan, and South Korea (only in Jeju Island). (Kim and Kim, 2014).

Remarks: In South Korea, this species is listed under the Endangered Wild Species – Grade II on May 31, 2012 by the Ministry of Environment. (Kim and Kim, 2014).

Kim, J.-I. and S.I. Kim. (2014). Insect Fauna of Korea: Lucanidae and Passalidae, Volume 12, Number 15. National Institute of Biological Researches, Ministry of Environment, Incheon.

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Lucanus elaphus Fabricius, 1775 (Coleoptera: Lucanidae: Lucaninae

Lucanus elaphus Fabricius, 1775
Lucanus elaphus Fabricius, 1775 (original combination).
Lucanus carlengi Angell, 1916 (synonym).


Description: Largest lucanid species occurring in North America with three sister species: L. capreolus (Linnaeus), L. mazama (LeConte), and L. placidus Say. Comparably, easily reared. sizes around 30-60mm. Reddish brown to dark brown colored. As many knwon European and Asian large Lucanus spp., it has ‘a bump’ on head. Adults attracted to the lights in summer. Personally collected one male specimen in Louisiana on July 2016. (below)

dsc01541Lucanus elaphus Fabricius, 1775 – male
@Louisiana, 2 July 2016.

dsc01542Lucanus elaphus Fabricius, 1775 – male
@Louisiana, 2 July 2016.


*Pictured (plate image) specimens not in hand anymore, as of March 2018.

Lucanus mazama (LeConte, 1861) (Coleoptera: Lucanidae: Lucaninae)

Lucanus mazama (LeConte, 1861)
Dorcus mazama LeConte, 1861 (original combination).
Pseudolucanus bicostatus Angell, 1916 (synonym).


Description: A small sized species of genus Lucanus, occurring in southwestern states of the United States. Black colored; adults collected with lights; rather easily reared;

Distribution: USA: southwestern states

Specimen Size: 32mm ±1mm