How to carefully package pinned insect collections


Many, including amateur collectors has discussed how to carefully package unpinned (not pinned) collections on a cardboard with plastic wrapper. (a.k.a. papered specimen). In this post, I’ll discuss how to carefully package ‘pinned’ collections.

You will need followings:
-hard box
-plastazote foam for floor (or any dense foam, Styrofoam, etc.)
-plastazote foam for lid (or any dense foam, Styrofoam, etc.)

Place and glue the foam into the box.

Then place the specimen inside the box.

Use pins to hold the specimen side to side, so they won’t spin or move around upon the possible impact.

Like this. Place pins outer the legs, if legs are very close to the body. If you place pins between legs and body, legs may be detached on impact.

This red mark here is a estimated distance from the top of pin head to the top of box. You will have fill up this space to hold down the pins from jumping or swing.

A plastazote foam, Styrofoam, or any other dense foam can be used as well as multiple layers of cushioning paper or plastic wraps. corrugated paper box is good choice as well for shockproof and can easily be obtained.

DSC07146It would be nice to write down a list of specimens packaged inside for the ones who receive it.

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