How to collect beetles for DNA studies

The DNA preservation is very important task. This post I’m sharing has very great information on how to preserve each specimen in the ethyl alcohol in details. If I ever see the author updating the original post, I’ll try to relay the information here via comment section as well.

The Subulate Palpomere

Preserving beetles for DNA studies is easy, but a few rules need to be followed.

You will first need to decide which specimens to preserve. It is ideal to have two or more specimens of a species preserved, so that the extra specimens can serve as backups in case the first specimen fails to yield good DNA.  Also, because the specimen from which DNA sequences will be obtained serves as the voucher, it is important to choose the gender that contains the key morphological characters for distinguishing species.  This will allow the DNA data to be properly associated with the morphological data, type specimens, etc. For Bembidion, males contain the most diagnostic characters, and so males should be preferentially preserved for DNA. The general rule of thumb is that whatever gender is best for a holotype is the gender you should choose for DNA preservation.

Exactly how a specimen…

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