Collection Drawer Cabinet


For the ease and convenience of pulling out particular drawers, I decided to make my own cabinet for collection drawers. General design was in my head for a long time, and I already had all the equipment and materials, so I started right away. One of the focus here was to use whatever left over from previous works, and this case, the materials.

I had this table saw for a while. I had to make wall, shelves, cabinets, etc. while helping my parents, in their building construction works.

This set of lumber pieces I cut are slides for the drawers. A pair of these will let the drawer sit on them and slide.

They will be nailed down to the other lumbers, that function as stud/frames

Sets are for left and right.

I have took photo any further as I was too focused on building it, but I had to connect two on bottom side so that it won’t distort or break out. I used three hard boards, each on two sides and as backboard. Then I used about an inch thick MDF(?) board on top to withstand the weight, if anything sits on the top of the cabinet.

This is completed work. Total eleven drawers fit in there.


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