Sorting Suborder Adephaga


As I got quite enough amount of unit trays, I decided to start sorting my collections. I followed the orders of how BugGuide layed out the orders of Suborder, Family, and Subfamily. (Although I have no idea if they are following some sort of references). Then I arranged alphabetically anything below than that.


I wasn’t quite sure how I should make the Header Cards for each unit tray. Then I decided to write out the family first, then write down the family/subfamily/tribe/genus/species depending on how far a specimen is identified.

In this case, the Calosoma externum is identified to species level, so I separated these specimens to one single unit tray.

In this case, however, as there are only two specimens in Tetracha virginica and Tetracha carolina cannot be fitted in smaller unit tray, and has too much space to be fitted in that unit tray, I decided to combine them up together. To save some spaces.

DSC09291I, first of all, haven’t identified to the species level (some are done), I combined all to as one unit tray of Chlaenius.

2016.04.17: I found one specimen belongs to the Family Haliplidae. No image attached.


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