Purchase of Cornell Unit Trays, etc.


order list

Main items ordered in this invoice are the unit trays. As I got new drawers, I had to get whole lot more unit trays, and I sure need the small ones. THEN for DNA preservation purposes, I had to obtain ethyl alcohol (95%). I think a quart of it is enough to produce or fill up a whole bunch of 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes. Also, one forceps for dissecting specimens. (I used to have a sharp one purchased from MANCHUN (South Korea), but I cannot find it anywhere.

Left: Two sets of different unit trays with a quart of Ethyl Alcohol and forceps; Right: one folded unit tray with poly foam installed in it. (Click for enlarged image)

Items arrived today, taking two weeks since order place, having one item being defective. The item # 1026B should contain 100 folding unit trays, however, had 99 unit trays. (It was missing one). I contacted the BioQuip, waiting for the solution, I wonder how things would go. I counted without ripping off the wrap completely (only portion of it) so they can confirm that I didn’t take anything out of it, once they get the item returned to them (I don’t know if they would just send me one extra or ask for the return yet).

Seriously, EVERY SINGLE TIME I order from BioQuip, item arrived either defective, damaged, wrong item, or wrong quantity. When I ordered Styrofoam spreading boards, they arrived damaged as BioQuip used excessive amount of shipping wrappers (paper things they use to keep the items safe). Recently, one of twelve drawers arrived defective. I ordered two male-female pairs of Lucanus capreolus, Pelidnota punctata, Xyloryctes jamaicensis, and then they sent me three males of L. capreolus with one female, four males of P. punctata, and then two pairs of X. thestalus. Upon the arrival of the shipment, I noticed two problems, then found out what I got was not X. thestalus, so I contacted the BioQuipBugs. They never got back to me, but they updated their price list.

I made a contact to the BioQuip Customer Service, that I only opened a portion of the package to count so that anyone can confirm that I didn’t took one out and say ‘I only got 99.’ Let’s see how they would respond. Every orders I placed on BioQuip, either arrived damaged, missing stocks, taking so much time (no notification about backorder sometimes). I’ve never been satisfied with the BioQuip. Even the time when I placed an order for the BioQuip Bugs long time ago, on their first year of opening. One of the item I ordered was two male/female pairs of Lucanus capreolus. They sent me three males with one female. They asked me to return entire items. They told me they will refund the return shipping, but they never did. (Well, it was like less than 5 dollars, and I was just so tired to dealing with them so I gave it up). That was not the only problem I had in that same order, of course. I ordered two pairs of Xyloryctes jamaicensis, and they sent me two pairs of X. thestalus. I told them for this problem, but they never got back to me, but only updated their price list.

I hope to get a good solution, and I will update the post once the solution is given and the item is replaced.

Edition – 2016.03.31.
BioQuip Product representative responded back during the day that they will get missing item out promptly.

Edition – 2016.04.06.
Missing item for shortage has been received through USPS First Class.


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